We are entrepreneurs


We are solopreneurs. We are striving startuppers. We are independent creatives. We swapped day jobs for daydreams come true; we accept long days and non-existent weekends as payoff. The words "overseas travel" and "vacation" have become memories of a life we once knew. Now, to step away, even for a day, leaves clients unattended and to-do lists in the lurch. We're desperate for a change in scenery. We long for inspiration. We crave a reminder of why we opted out of the 9 to 5 in the first place: to do what we love. 



Hello, Adventure. 

Imagine spending a week or more in a stunning location, connecting with a small group of like-minded people, as tuned in or unplugged from your business as you need to be. Imagine the power of creative brainstorming sessions. Imagine the mind shift that comes with exploring a new culture. And imagine someone else planning it all for you.


Hello Adventure workcations pull you out of your head and into fresh inspiration and renewed focus. Our experiences provide you with the space (and comfort) to explore an unfamiliar environment, and the resources to work while traveling. Our founder, Sarah Moe, has spent years working with entrepreneurs. She’s witnessed their desire to see the world and how it competes with their lack of time and energy, while knowing firsthand the advantages of traveling abroad - how it uproots limiting beliefs and brings dormant ideas to fruition. Strengths are renewed, undreamed-of possibilities become real, and work is made fun again. This is the magic of travel.

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Committed to partnering with and supporting local establishments and craftspeople, the Hello Adventure experience makes a point of leaving each location better than we found it.


There is no work/life balance. There is just life, and how we spend it.