Sarah Moe

Born in a town so small it doesn’t actually exist, Sarah made a vow: to call the world home. She’s since backpacked, studied, worked and volunteered in well over 20 countries. A recovering lawyer, Hello Adventure was inspired by her work with time-strapped entrepreneurs and her firsthand knowledge of the incredible benefits of travel. She is a textbook Aries, loves terriers and American football, and aspires to one day ride a shortboard and sing karaoke without embarrassment, although probably not at the same time.


Director of Travel 

Casha Doemland

LA-born, Georgia-bred and one half of a set of identical twins, Casha spends her days hustling the best possible experiences for Hello Adventures workcationers, and being Editor-in-Chief of Hello Adventure magazine. She’s also a classic film enthusiast, runner, dog walker, and collector of quotes and tattoos.


Beth Doane

Beth is an award winning author, speaker and entrepreneur. Her remarkable journey building a fashion brand that has planted over 40,000 trees and helped send children to school in 20 countries has captivated audiences at TEDx, the United Nations, and Google. Beth is also managing partner at Main & Rose, an elite communications firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Dubai where she specializes in branding.