Our Partners


Dock and Bay

Dock & Bay was founded in early 2015 by two fun loving guys with a passion for travel and who were just flat out tired of working in the UK banking industry.  Andy and Benno had a random bout of inspiration while sharing a drink in London, where their first towel was designed and the company would begin. As individuals who never enjoyed getting caught up in too much detail, Dock & Bay has a simple ethos, bright and colorful cabana striped designs. The towels are made of a unique microfiber material, which is soft to the touch yet remains quick drying, lightweight and super absorbent; perfect for any traveler or adventurer on the go. The pouch doubles as a bag to hold all your things while the towel is in use. Dock & Bay continues to create and come up with new ideas to help transform the towel industry, maintaining a high end look that is affordable and functional.



Scout Books was founded in 2009 and is based in Portland, Oregon with the belief that little books can create a large impact. As avid book lovers and designers, they wanted to make it easy and sustainable to design and produce their notebooks out of recycled paper. Scout Books created clever-pocked sized format with a durable chipboard cover and consists of 32 pages. There are a variety of sizes and creative custom options to choose from and a team that genuinely cares about all the little details. With a diverse range of clients and collaborators all around the world, Scout Books wants to help people capture and share their big ideas.




Goddess Garden is a company run by Nova and Paul, parents, founders and partners. The couple set out to create safe skincare solutions when their first daughter experienced allergic reactions to traditional bath and cosmetic products. With thirty products prepared, Goddess Garden set out to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2005 where their sunscreen sold out in two days and their path became clear. In 2008, they made their first visit to a natural product show where their organic sunscreen company continued to thrive, resulting in the company dropping their other products and focusing solely on sunscreen. In 2012, they moved into their first office space which allowed the sunscreen to be made in-house in their certified-organic production facility. Goddess Garden is committed to customer satisfaction and always available to assist a customer in need.  The company’s founding principles are to help the planet and help people safely enjoy the sun.


Leannah Lumauig

Leannah Lumauig is a Bay Area tech native turned personal development coach. She has a passion for surf, travel, and empowering individuals to live their unique adventures. She is an international workshop facilitator and teaches her popular course, "Make Your Dream Life Your Real Life" with Hello Adventure. In this course, participants will walk away with personal manifestos to keep them aligned and on track toward their loftiest goals and aspirations.  


Randy Simpson

An Australian native, Randy Simpson is passionate about yoga, reiki, mindfulness, and teaching. Her workshop focuses on mindful business and well-being. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of their productivity type and how to structure their days to enhance effectiveness and well-being. 

Sarah Moe

Sarah Moe is the Founder of Hello Adventure. A serial entrepreneur, Sarah has founded and effectively run several businesses. She credits her ability to do so to her productivity habits, which she began implementing into her daily work as a corporate lawyer. She now teaches workshops on productivity and creating an effective work routine. Participants walk away with practical tools to become more productive and efficient in their daily lives.