The return on my investment with the Bali trip was 10 fold easily. Notice I said investment. Hello Adventure is seriously one of the best investments you can make in your life. I am forever changed and without question for the better. I left with purpose, with confidence, with power, with clarity and with the desire to serve. 

I created a sanctuary for myself at home. I built a morning routine that I love and can actually stick to.  I am more productive at work, thanks to Sarah’s time management workshop. I developed my brand mission. I learned to surf, I expanded my cooking skills and started to actually enjoy doing it. 

And I made some friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. Before Bali I said things like “I’m not creative”. I left Bali with the desire to create and bring to life not one but two passion projects.  Sarah and the Hello Adventure coaches gave me my power back and they did so in the simplest way. They gave me time, they gave me permission and they gave me the tools. I am forever changed.

—Natalie B.



If you don't go see the world, you can literally and figuratively get stuck. Experiencing a new place with new people creates a bond and fosters community in a way that is unmatched by staying in your comfortable environment. Being immersed in another culture and way of life was absolutely awe-inspiring. Sometimes we are so focused on an outcome with our work that we can put up blinders and forget to take a breath and literally look at the world around us. And the world around us is where we need to look to do our best work and create our best self. 

Having Hello, Adventure take care of the logistics allowed me to relax and to be totally open to new experiences. I was able to experience way more than I could have on my own because on my own I would be totally and completely paralyzed by the planning, to the point of maybe not even going! I am so grateful that Sarah and Casha are sharing their passion and talent with their community. As much as I love chilling out, I really love to feel engaged and love to things I'm curious about. Hello, Adventure facilitated that in so many ways - through workshops, classes where learned new skills and through exploring the local culture. 


Hello Adventure is the perfect retreat for the entrepreneur, freelancer, or digital nomad. It encompasses the perfect balance of travel, getting work done and having fun all in the same trip. 

The daily workshops are extremely diverse and useful - from creating manifestos, to learning financial tips, productivity tips and being more creative. The surfing, the batik class and the yoga were super fun. If you are in need of a workcation or business adventure, if your start up can work from anywhere, if you want to check out a beautiful place while being productive, I highly recommend booking a retreat with Hello Adventure. I don’t know anyone else who is doing this. They are amazing!





I'm sitting in a cafe in Canggu, filled with gratitude and renewed energy for my work, my purpose, and my life as a whole. 

So much of this is because of the Hello Adventure retreat I just experienced here in Bali. The people I met, the total makeover on life perspective, the positivity and the new ways of thinking that completely challenged so much of the fear and so many of the false beliefs I was hanging onto - these are things that no self help book or therapist could have ever given me (and believe me, I've tried most of both.) I could not recommend this experience highly enough. I felt taken care of, but the week had enough freedom that I could explore the things I wanted to see. Do it. You'll thank yourself forever.


Hello, Adventure changed me in so many ways I didn't realize in the moment. Not only was it the most amazing vacation, but it opened me up to a new way of thinking about my life/work balance (me first, work second). The workshops were not only motivating but highly informative, and all the activities included give you a full scope of Bali and the native lifestyle there. I will definitely be coming back!


The Ashley that showed up to Bali is quite different from Ashley that left ten days later. I have Hello, Adventure to thank for that. It wasn't until I landed that I realized just how overworked and exhausted I really was. I spent the next ten days in a loving environment, surrounded by an inspiring group of individuals. While our ages and interests varied—our curiosity for life did not. The care and consideration that went into every part of the experience was well thought out and beautifully executed. Some of my favorite moments include our daily morning meditation overlooking the ocean, surf lessons in Canggu, a traditional Balinese cooking class and the creativity and brand strategy workshops. Since coming home I feel rested, grounded and in just a few weeks time have already made major leaps towards working for myself. A huge thanks to the women behind Hello, Adventure for pulling me out of my comfort zone and showing me a new part of the world I'd never seen before!